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Cold Weather Alert

Local residents are urged to implement protective measures for their water pipes as temperatures will drop below freezing.  Frozen water expands, potentially bursting the pipe and when it thaws, you have a leak that can cause considerable damage. (more…)

Consistent, Quality Water

Your consumer confidence report

All of the water supplied to customers is treated to make it safe for public consumption. Our treatment facilities are designed and operated to meet all Federal and State Health requirements. We routinely test our treated water to ensure that it meets all the established requirements. Once a year we publish a report that summarizes our testing results. The current report can be Downloaded Here.

Need Service?

For properties that need water service activated or new tap

If you have moved into a residence or need to transfer water service and you need the account in your name, you need to complete our Application for Water and Sewer Service. Additionally, if your residence is a new build, or you have been on a well and want to start public water service, the same form must be completed.

Turn my water on

How to

Contact Us

Do you have a comment or a question that isn’t answered elsewhere on this site? Use the form to send an e-mail to a Berkeley Water customer service representative, or call us directly with one of the numbers below. You should receive a reply within one business day.

District Office

251 Caperton Boulevard
Martinsburg, WV 25403

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8 AM to 4:30 PM

Phone: (304) 267-4600
Fax: (304) 267-3864
For Emergencies
Call (304) 267-4600

An operator is available 24 hours per day for water emergencies.


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