Capacity Improvement Fees (CIF)

On April 11, 2019, the County Council supported the request of the Water and Sewer Districts to reinstate what is known as the Capacity Improvement Fee (CIF). The CIF is a fee paid when a new structure is connected to the Water and/or Sewer District. The fee is scheduled to take effect on May 28, 209. The cost associated with the CIF will be phased in over 4 years.

The fee structure for a typical single family house or condominium unit for a standard 5/8″ meter is as follows:

Water Only $503 $1,006 $1,509 $2,012
Sewer Only $713 $1,426 $2,139 $2,852
Water & Sewer $1,216 $2,432 $3,648 $4,864

The water CIF is required to be paid prior to or at the same time a meter is requested to be installed. The criteria to receive a meter is addressed in the Requirements for Meter Set Approvals policy below. Please not the sewer lateral must be inspected before the water meter can be installed.

The sewer CIF is required to be paid when requesting inspection of a newly installed sewer lateral. Once the fee is paid, the lateral inspection request will be released to the District inspector. When the sewer lateral has passed inspection, the customer account will be noted that the sewer CIF has been paid and sewer lateral inspection has been successfully completed. 

For locations which request a meter larger than the 5/8″ meter, the resulting fee schedule can be found below. 

Locations that had a building permit submitted to the County prior to May 29, 2019 will not have to pay the CIF.

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