Applying for Residential Water and Sewer Service (tap/permitting)

If your residence is new or you have been on a well and want to start public water service, then we will need to provide a tap on an existing District water main and set a new service on your property. To start the process, you need to complete an online Application for Water and Sewer Service form OR you can complete the form at the District office located at 251 Caperton Blvd, Martinsburg, WV 25403.

Please note that this application process will get you signed up for water only. If you need public sewer service, you will have to sign up with the sewer service provider. This must be done prior to completing the water application process.

Berkeley County Sewer: City of Martinsburg Water and Sewer: 304-264-2131 ext. 248 

After the District sets the service just inside your property line, you are responsible to extend the service line from our meter setting into your residence. You must also provide a shutoff valve where your service line enters your residence. If you have a well, you must disconnect it from your plumbing, since you cannot have public water and a private well both feeding into your plumbing system. When you are ready for the meter to be installed, call the office to schedule a representative to inspect the shutoff valve and set the meter. Please note, it takes up to ten business days to set new meters. You may also request a new meter set by completing the New Meter Install Request form below.