Frequently Asked Questions - Service

Berkeley County Water District uses positive displacement water meters manufactured in accordance with standards established by the American Water Works Association.  The meters are produced to exact specifications using high quality materials.  All meters are tested for accuracy by the manufacturer before shipping.

The meter is located in a "Meter Pit" which protects the meter from damage and allows access for repairs.  There is also a shut off valve located before the meter which allows water service to be shut off in order to make a repair or change out the meter.  In some cases, there is also a valve located after the meter.

The District owns the meter and all the water pipes from the meter pit back to the water main in the street.  The owner of the property owns and is responsible for the water service line from the meter to the house as well as any in-home or property piping. 

As water flows through the meter, the mechanical device inside the meter chamber is displaced according to the volume of water used.  The rotating feature is counted by a sealed register head.  The meter cannot and will not record usage unless water flows through it.

Customers sometimes contact the District expressing concern over a high bill and question whether there is a faulty meter involved.  Once again, the meter cannot spin unless water flows through it.  We can't tell where the water goes once it is through the meter.  However, mechanical devices lose tolerances over time and the meter often lets water through without being recorded.

All meters in the District systems are equipped with Automated Meter Reading (AMR).  The meter is read via an electronic signal and recorded on a mobile computer.  The information is directly downloaded to our billing system thereby removing human error in the process.  The automation allows for minimal errors and allows us to keep the operating costs of reading meters to a minimum.


The customer “owns” the water system from the point at which it exits the water meter, and is responsible for maintaining it in good condition and free from all leaks and defects. While the Water District “owns” the water meter and the pipe connecting it to the water main, the customer is responsible for preventing damage to the meter, the box in which it sits (the crock) and all pipes and connections to it. The costs for damages that result from negligence, misconduct or other actions by the customer or others may be billed to the customer. The Water District routinely checks meters for signs of normal wear and tear, tests and repairs or replaces the water meter as necessary at no cost to the customer.

The Water District is a member of Miss Utility of WV. They can be reached at 1-800-245-4848. Within a couple days the water lines will be marked with blue paint.

Water pressure in the water mains is relatively constant.  If you are observing a reduction in pressure, the first thing to do is narrow down where you may be experiencing the issue.  If it is just in a location such as a shower head or a bathroom, there are certain things you can look for.  If it is the entire house, then other probabilities are occurring.

One Location: If the pressure is lower in one location like a shower head, it is likely that material has accumulated in the shower head and just needs to be cleaned out.  The same is true for a kitchen sink.  Youtube “How To Clean Out A Faucet Head” for step by step instructions.

The Entire House: If there is a sudden reduction in pressure throughout the house, one should check for a valve that was operated or if applicable, if a pressure reducing device (PR Valve) has malfunctioned.  You can also check for clogged filters if you have a whole house filtration system.

If you cannot determine where the pressure reduction is coming from, then please contact the office and we can check on the plumbing owned by the District.