How do I know my water is safe to drink?

All public water supplies must constantly sample the water pursuant to the required Federal and State regulations.  The water is sampled on the following schedule:

1. Every month, 66 samples are collected for coliform bacteria.  These samples are numerous in quantity and most frequent of all tests since they are the most important indicator of high quality drinking water that is safe to consume.

2. Inorganics – every year Nitrates and nitrites, metals, salts and other compounds naturally occurring or manmade.

3. Volatile Organics – once per year – these are components associated with items such as gasoline and dry cleaning establishments.

4. Radionuclides – every 8 years – these tests would indicate if naturally occurring or manmade radioactive components were found in the water supply.

5. Synthetic Organic Parameters – every year.  These would be components associated with pesticides and herbicides and other man made compounds.

6. Lead and Copper – Lead and copper samples are performed every three years with the samples being obtained from more than 7- homes throughout the system.

Please also see the annual water quality report for some additional information on water quality.

If there was ever a time when water quality samples were not in compliance with Federal and State regulations, the public would be notified pursuant to the prescribed regulations.