My water pressure seems to have changed recently, any advice?

Water pressure in the water mains is relatively constant.  If you are observing a reduction in pressure, the first thing to do is narrow down where you may be experiencing the issue.  If it is just in a location such as a shower head or a bathroom, there are certain things you can look for.  If it is the entire house, then other probabilities are occurring.

One Location: If the pressure is lower in one location like a shower head, it is likely that material has accumulated in the shower head and just needs to be cleaned out.  The same is true for a kitchen sink.  Youtube “How To Clean Out A Faucet Head” for step by step instructions.

The Entire House: If there is a sudden reduction in pressure throughout the house, one should check for a valve that was operated or if applicable, if a pressure reducing device (PR Valve) has malfunctioned.  You can also check for clogged filters if you have a whole house filtration system.

If you cannot determine where the pressure reduction is coming from, then please contact the office and we can check on the plumbing owned by the District.