Lead and Copper Testing

Berkeley County Public Service Water District is working on a project to provide inventory to the Health Department for Lead and Copper Rule Revisions. In order to compile a database of the materials used in our customer’s service lines and plumbing required to meet the guidelines for sampling please take a few minutes to submit this questionnaire.

If you would prefer to complete a printed form, click here

Your service line is the piping that runs from your meter into your home. This will be the material of the piping where it enters your home.
During testing, a Water District Employee would bring an empty bottle to your house, provide you with documentation and instructions on collecting the sample, and pick it up the next morning. Sampling frequency is typically every three years and is conducted at no cost to you.

Thank you for participating in this survey; the data collected will allow us to provide accurate sampling and test results to determine the level of lead and copper found in our homes and businesses and to make appropriate treatment changes to lower or eliminate lead or copper leaching from service line, plumbing, and fixtures in our customers’ homes and business.

We appreciate your time.