PFAS exposure Martinsburg

(Updated February 2021) –  It has come to attention of the Berkeley County Water District (District) that certain entities are suggesting that the water supply being provided by the City of Martinsburg is not in compliance with public drinking water standards.  Such is simply not true.

The District purchases a certain amount of water each day from the City of Martinsburg.  The water is in compliance with all State and Federal Drinking water standards.

  In 2016, when the City of Martinsburg’s water source known as the “Big Spring” was found to have the substance known as Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) in levels measured in the parts per trillion, the source was shut down until treatment could be installed. 

Once the treatment was completed, the source of water was returned to service.

For a thorough understanding, a part per trillion is equal to a grain of sand in an Olympic sized swimming pool or 1 inch in 16 million miles.   

All the water sources of the District have been tested for PFAS and the results have all come back none detected.   The water is safe to drink.

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