Procedures & Specifications

In order to establish a uniform approach to preparing construction documents and constructing water system improvements within it’s service area, the District has prepared the Developer Policies, Procedures and Standards for Water Systems (DPP&S).

This document describes the administrative, engineering, material and construction requirements (including standard details) applicable to all extensions to the water distribution system.

A copy of the DPP&S may be picked up at the District’s office upon payment of $10.00 for reproduction costs.

The District maintains a GIS map of its distribution system that shows the location and size of water mains in relation to streets, buildings, streams, railroads and other physical features.

In addition to the District’s mapping effort, the County maintains a map that shows the location of fire hydrants throughout Berkeley County.

This information is available online here

Note that the hydrants shown on the County site include “dry” hydrants in rural areas that are served from streams or ponds as well as those located on public water mains.